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The time's most beautiful, quickest and advanced website tool is Doodlekit... Right now, Doodlekit is the best available online website builder...

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Election Website Builder

Running for office? Need a website? Doodlekit is an online website builder that can be used to build an election website in minutes! No web developing experience needed - Doodlekit's political campaign website creator is very easy to use. Our election websites have the power to bulk upload photos, change layouts and color themes, create unique website headers, blog about political issues, create discussion forums with political topics, build online forms for collecting voter information, and much more.

Doodlekit is all online - no software to install. Other builders of election websites require you to install software on a computer and only use that specific computer to build your political campaign website. Not Doodlekit. With our election website building tools, you can create political campaign websites from anywhere, anytime you want with no software to install! All you need is Internet access and a browser.

Build A Campaign Website

Political Campaign Website Features

  • Form Builder
  • Domain Email Forwarding
  • File Uploader
  • Advanced Security
  • Advanced Website Design Tools
  • Advanced Font Selections For Titles
  • International Language Settings
  • Free Website Builder For Non-Profits
  • Election Website
  • Domain Management Tools
  • Blog
  • User Registration / Membership
  • Built In Stock Photo/Image Repository
  • W3C Valid XHTML/CSS Layouts
  • HTML Widgets
  • Online Photo Albums / Bulk Uploader
  • Built In Advertising Tool
  • Political Campaign Website
  • Advanced Editor With Spell Checking
  • No Coding Required
  • Online Content Management System
  • Domain Procurement
  • Website Statistics Tracking
  • Forums
  • PayPal & Google Shopping Carts
  • Advanced CSS Override Editor
  • Campaign Election Websites

Website Building Tools For Politial Campaigns & Elections

Doodlekit is the best political campaign website builder on the market. Its powerful backend database provides you with advanced tools that other election website makers cannot match. Here are some example Doodlekit features you might find of use when creating a political campaign website:

No Contracts - Perfect for election campaign websites. Allows you to start and stop a website for as long (or short) as you want. You pay month to month and can quit at any time. Once your campaign is over you can take down your website, or keep it up to continue gathering information about your constituents.

Blog – Use your blog to reach out to your constituents. Let them know your views about political issues and upcoming election events. Read feedback from your readers. Easily monitor your comments.

Forums – Register users to your website. Allow them to participate in forums and discuss political topics with each other. Create an online community of supporters. Monitor conversations. Provide different levels of security access to users.

Form Builder - Create your own custom forms to collect volunteer information. Use the form builder to collect information about your constituents and what issues are on their minds.

Building a Political Campaign Website

If you are going to run for public office, you need a political campaign website. In fact, if many of the assertions in the media are true, it wasn't only a website that helped President Obama win two campaigns, but also his heavy involvement in social media. Some have claimed that Facebook's promotion of our second term President alone, through its social media platform, essentially won him the Presidency. It makes sense. Facebook has over 1 billion users. So, to restate our premise, we believe there is more to winning an election than just making a website. You need to create Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn accounts as well. And that's only a partial list. Granted we are also of the opinion these are the major social media players. If you doubt what we are saying, just look around. Every election poster you see on the side of the road has an election website clearly displayed in large, underlined, "WWW" text. It doesn't matter if you are dealing with a county assessor, a city council position, an elected judgeship, or otherwise. A mail campaign isn't going to work. People these days want to go to their computers, not open mail or thumb through piles of it. Some people don't even have mailboxes these days! Knocking on doors isn't going to work. There is too much ground to cover and no one opens their doors to talk to strangers any more. Just look around, everyone is plugged in like a Borg on Star Trek! People are not even making eye contact or talking to one another when they have lunch. Instead, they are hypnotized by their mobile phones, sitting there like zombies on the Walking Dead, staring down at the little screens and clicking away. If you are not on Facebook, how can you even be a friend in the first place? Suicides are even being blamed on social media bullying these days, but that is another issue. The point is that everything is happening on the Internet these days. Even elections. So, to further emphasize the point we are making, which to redundantly reiterate is:

If you are going to run for any office, you need an election website

It does not matter what seat or position you need or want, be it the electoral support of your state, district, county, municipality, or nation to win. It may only be for the school board, the city council, a voting seat on the water district, or even a state senator, or the President of the United States. You need to be on the Internet and you need to be on and involved with social media. Your campaign will likely fail if you are not able to offer your potential voters easy access to your website, along with all of your social media locations.

Doodlekit is awesome for Building Political Campaign Websites!

How can we make such a bold assertion? Because it is true! In fact, we just tell you exactly how it is, without needing to put a spin on things so we have an easy out whenever we might be challenged. Unlike the politician you may aspire to become, we have no need to prevaricate, to sound like we are saying one thing and really leaving it open to say we meant the opposite, or to even promise you "No New Taxes!" Why? Because we give you, the aspiring politician, exactly what we promise. When we say we offer you a Free trial of our basic web building without any commitment, we mean it. Not an iota, whit, or crumb of your financial information is required to try our claim we offer a great, no, not a great, but an AWESOME election website builder and host. There are other election websites out there which are hosted by other companies, but we think we are in pole position. And to stick with the truth and only the truth, your FREE website does not give you a shopping cart or even a distinct domain name. We do charge for all the bells and whistles because they are worth buying. And if you do sign up, we have super low prices. Additionally, when your campaign is over you can cancel your subscription with us, with no penalty, with 30 or fewer days notice. However, we don't want you to lose your campaign. We want you to win. That way you'll need to continue using your website for at least two terms!

An easy to build election website with all the social media connections!

So, what do we offer? In short, when you sign in for a free account and use our tools, you'll quickly see that selecting your colors, font, template styles and the like are an after thought. As easy as pie, or just as easy to use as any word processor or presentation maker package out there. Videos and images are no problem. Just click and upload. Changing and adding text, new pages, just as easy as typing with a little formatting and the click of a 'save' or 'upload' button. 

So with the proclamation that building and managing your election website will be easy, let us make 3 final selling points. All election websites must offer three things that Doodlekit makes easy, simple, turnkey and rather delightful. Drum roll please!

Election websites (like Doodlekit) must have:

  1. Social Media Buttons. On all the pages of your website, you must give your voters easy click and like buttons to your Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. By visiting and bookmarking your election website alone, you give everyone access to everything.
  2. Ability to Comment: Politics requires commentary and discussion. You have to be able to answer your voters questions and publish them to as many other voters as possible. You need to give your voters the ability to comment in your blogs and forums, and for them to read your answers and feedback. 
  3. Subscription: No political website is complete if your voters can't subscribe to your campaign via your website. We won't tell you that it is axiomatic that to win a campaign you must have a list of your prospective voters and their contact information. These are the people who are most likely to donate to your campaign!

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